Vlad King is a guitar player and singer-songwriter whose experiences and thoughts influenced his real world real life songs.

He has a story to tell, inspired by a life plagued by many of today’s hardships, temptations, and vices.

If you have gone through some trying times, chances are you can relate.



"It's Time for Change"

EP Released September 30, 2016

Album recorded and mixed at New Scotland Yard Studio, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Audio engineer Thomas Stajcer. Assistant audio engineer Alex Burris. Album mastered at Georgetown Masters, Nashville, Tennessee. Mastering engineer Gabe Millman. Album cover image by Nik Trajkovic. Album distributed worldwide through TuneCore.

"Unity - The State of Being One"

CD Released December, 1997

All songs written, recorded, mixed, and produced by Vlad King. Album recorded and mixed at 0120 Studio, Mississauga, Ontario. Album mastered at The E Room Mastering & Restoration, Toronto, Ontario. Mastering engineer Peter J. Moore. Photography & Graphic Design by Jason & Vesna Seale. Vocalists: Vlad King, Craig McMath, Brad Andrews, and Julieanna Trajkovic.


Sample lyrics from the EP titled "It's Time for Change" released September 30, 2016
Military industrial, corporate pharmaceutical always making money on other peoples misery. Trade agreements and unions benefit transnationals. While ma-and-pa are in line at the food bank.

It's Time for Change (Give Me Freedom)

From the EP "It's Time for Change"
They say you can’t keep a good man down, but I’ve been kicked and pushed around. Abandoned all hopes and dreams I had, tossed away like a dirty rag. Don’t believe in what I do and don’t believe in what I say. Cause this old drunk lost his way long ago.

I Will Only Let You Down

From the EP "It's Time for Change"
So what kind of world is this anyway. Where a man can’t get a start in life. I’m tired of trying. So I’ll pore myself a drink and toast to all my losses.

Can’t Make Enough Money

From the EP "It's Time for Change"