Vlad King 2015

An opportunity presented itself a number of years back to try, for the first time, a Northwood guitar. John McQuarrie, luthier and proprietor of Northwood Guitars, had a number of models with him that day and we played and compared them alongside like models from Martin, Gibson, Larrivee, and Taylor. Although, for the most part, they all sounded great, John’s guitars had something magical about them.

The Northwood guitars resonated with what appeared to be more overtones, as if you played a chord on the piano. They were consistently lighter than the other acoustics, very light in fact. The attention to detail was more than impressive, absolutely meticulous, not a trace of glue on the inside of the guitar, and even the name/model sticker looked to be placed with extreme care. The guitars had very comfortable necks and played effortlessly. They were visually striking, and believe it or not even smelled beautiful.

It is no surprise that John’s guitars are spectacular in every way. After all, they are hand built, only 50-60 per year, and owning one seems more of a privilege. Over the years we were proud owners of a number of Northwood guitars, including a Lamborghini yellow Les Paul, but the new Studio OO Custom “Vlad King” takes the cake.


From Idea to Reality

We approached John on April 20, 2014 with an idea of what we wanted in a new acoustic guitar and worked with him on a list of desired features, specifications, prior to commencing the work. During the creation process, John kept us informed of the progress and included visuals of the endeavor.

“The smooth mellowness of mahogany back and sides combine with the centrally positioned bridge to provide a warm woody tone…”


Opening the Guitar Case

The new acoustic guitar was completed and waiting for us at home on February 19, 2015. The next 48 hours were somewhat painful as we very impatiently waited for the guitar to acclimatize before opening. We had experienced some really cold weather for about a two week period here in New Brunswick, and definitely did not want to rush the process and do harm to the finish.

The 48 hours elapsed, we slowly opened the Hiscox case that protected the acoustic guitar, the only words that came out were “Oh My God”, and there she was, the Northwood Guitars Studio OO Custom “Vlad King” in all her beauty.

Now all we need to do is play her, break in that Adirondack top, and what a pleasure that will be.


More About Northwood Guitars

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